Monday, June 18, 2012

Tips for Vacation Packages to Hawaii

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii this year, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider going with a vacation package rather than piecing together your trip.

First of all it is pretty obvious that no matter where you are coming from you are going to have to fly to Hawaii there just isn't an easy or safe way to drive to the island paradise.  So along with airfare you'll need to rent a car which is a lot cheaper than taking cabs everywhere and a lot more flexible than using only public transportation.  Next will come your lodging, unless you plan on going for the “beach bum” feel but I wouldn't suggest this not to mention I'm sure it would probably land you in hot water with the police.  Experts will tell you that you can save up to 40 percent by combining all of these necessities into one package.  A great place to start looking for affordable packages is right where you are rig ht now on

All inclusive resorts may sound expensive, but they may be a better deal than piecing together your vacation.  If a stay in a resort includes many of the activities you would have paid extra for, it could be a great way to save a little money by paying in advance for those extras.  Check to see whether that all inclusive rate covers things like meals, day-trips, rounds of golf, surfing lessons, airport shuttles, massages, etc.

A multi-island vacation package will allow you to see more than one island.  Instead of sticking to just one spot for your entire trip, you can branch out and see the different island personalities with a two or three island package.

A cruise package is another great way to visit more than one island.&nbs p; Getting from island to island can be a hassle, not to mention expensive, but if you book a Hawaii cruise you'll get to hop from island to island as your giant floating hotel moves from port to port.  Not to mention you won't have to keep packing and unpacking, who could ask for more than that.

Taking a package day tour can take the stress out of sight seeing.  You may not have booked a whole all inclusive package tour for your trip, but that doesn't mean you can't get in on a package deal once you're in Hawaii.  Many tour companies offer all inclusive day trips for both excursions on one island and also to other nearby islands.  These can be great ways of seeing the sights without worrying about handling all the details yourself.

Vacation packages offer you a nice savings over piecing together your vacation.  They also off you a convenient way to plan a very nice vacation because, especially if you've never been to Hawaii and don't know where to begin your sight seeing or where you'll want to stay a package gives you a hassle free way to enjoy your vacation rather than spend it in a frantic rush to make sure you get in all the sites and get the most for your money.  Like any other vacation plan start your research several months before your planned departure so you can lock in the best deals.  When you get to the island paradise the only thing you'll have to worry about doing is enjoying your vacation.

Happy Traveling!!!

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