Monday, June 11, 2012

Announcing Travelope API for travel deals

We are very excited to release our API which means that you can now consume our data programmatically using our simple RESTful API.

The Travelope API lets you build a variety of applications that can take advantage of our data gathered from various sources. We not only aggregate data but also look for additional sources so that the data is complete.

Big online travel agencies (OTA) and daily deal sites have not opened their deals APIs. Some that have opened have incomplete data. We think today consumers are interacting with brands and travel companies in a lot of different ways including social sites and mobile. We think that if the big travel sites opened full deals API there would be a lot of innovation in the travel deals space. Customer loyalty as a concept is, generally, extinct as services such as air travel become commodities. Customers are looking for ways to plan, search, and buy travel products from a multitude of sources.  We are hoping to make consumers travel deal search experience easy and seamless.

We are also hoping that other developers' would take this data and develop other amazing apps.

The API is available for free to everyone.

To get started: Get your API key. You can send a quick email to to get your API keys and get started.

If you have questions about the API, please send email to We will be monitoring the site for questions and answering them promptly.

We can’t wait to see what you create.

API Usage is simple as we have exposed the data in all three formats (RSS, JSON, XML). You can filter the data by the following criteria.

category: (Airfare, Hotels, Vacations, Cruises, Cars)
region: (Europe, Asia, ...)
country: (France, Germany, ...)
state: (New York, ...)
city: (Paris, New York, ...)

travelFrom: (ex. 01/02/2012)
travelTo: (ex. 01/05/2013)

startFrom: (ex. 01/02/2012) - Deal starts from
startTo: (ex. 05/01/2012)

endFrom: (ex. 01/02/2012)
endTo: (ex. 01/02/2013)

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