Sunday, July 15, 2012

Introducing our New City of Origin Search &Sorting

In the quest to find you the best deal possible on your travel, Travelope has added a new feature.  Now you can also search all of the travel options from the origin of your planned departure.  Customize your search with handy filters including:  Popularity, Price, Time Left, and Newest.  Travelope, your first stop for finding the best prices for all your travel needs, is always looking for ways to save you money and time on your dream vacation.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Use Deals Alerts to Stay Informed of Travelope’s Great Money Saving Discounts

Deals Alerts is just one more way that we here at Travelope are able to save you more on your travel needs.  Travel Alerts will send daily travel savings on hotels, vacations, cruises, air travel, and rental cars right to your inbox.  Search for your dream vacation, romantic weekend or that family reunion I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to all year.

When you find the destination that interests you, just click the blue “Add Email Alert” button on the upper right of the page, and it’s that easy, you’ll start receiving our great money saving deals on the travel destination of your choice.  You don’t even have to type in your destination, it's that simple!

If you want to change any of your alerts click the button at the top, top right of the page “My Alerts” and you can either view or delete your alerts.

At Travelope we receive new deep discount deals everyday, so you can lock in the cheapest price on all of your travel needs before your departure.

So, come on and join the other Travelopers and don’t ever pay full price for travel again!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bermuda: A small slice of heaven right here on earth

“You go to heaven if you want, I’d rather stay here in Bermuda.”  Mark Twain stated this in the 19th century, and the statement is still true today because Bermuda’s magnificent sun and sea still lures vacationers from all over the world.  The island makes a wonderful vacation getaway for people of all tastes.  If you’re looking for peace and quiet, Bermuda has that will pamper you and a deep inner peace.  Romantics will rekindle their love with candlelight dining and strolls on the beach.  If you want to really let loose you can dance the night away in the seaside capital, the City of Hamilton.

The island is surrounded by a fantastic coral reef that has colorful exotic fish and shipwrecks for memorable diving and snorkelling at spots like Elbow Beach in Paget Parish.  The crystal clear waters of Southampton Parish provide conditions for kayaking and yachting

The island itself is just as magnificent.  You can play a round of golf on one of the world class golf courses, hike on peaceful trails and sunbathe on glorious pink sand beaches.  Walk down the crooked streets of the colonial settlement of the Town of St George, Britain’s oldest surviving town in the New World.

Bermuda boast a beautiful climate that is warm all year round and friendly people who are ready to strike up a conversation with strangers.  There’s plenty of distinctive color as well, from a landscape of tidy pastel houses to dapper businessmen dressed in Bermuda shorts.

Bermuda is truly everything you’ve heard and then some, it's worth the visit and there are plenty of travel packages and cruises that are set to any budget.

Happy Travels!!!

Safety: A few pointers on safely for Travelopers traveling abroad

While on your vacation abroad this summer, safety should be one of your main concerns.  Even though the odds are you will have a safe and enjoyable trip, it’s always a good idea to think of your safety first and practice a few good safety tips to keep that dream vacation from turning into a nightmare.

First and foremost, always know where your U.S. embassy or consular offices are and carry their contact information with you, no matter what country you visit.

Good Traveloper safety begins at home.  While packing avoid taking your best jewelry and don’t dress in a way that says “I’m a tourist with money to burn”.  Just use common sense when deciding what valuables you really need to take on your trip.  Don’t take anything you can’t afford to lose, just in case.

Make sure you leave your family or friends a copy of your itinerary in case they need to contact you in an emergency.  Make two photocopies of your passport identification page, airline tickets, driver’s license and credit cards you plan to bring with you.  Leave one set of copies with family or friends at home and pack the other set in a bag that is separate from the one you usually carry the originals.

When you are a guest in another country you are subject to the laws of that country.  Before you travel read up on the laws of the country you are visiting and make sure you understand them.  Good resources for this is a library, your travel agent, and the embassies, consulates or tourist bureaus of the countries you are visiting.

Plan to stay at larger hotels that have better security whenever possible.  When there is a choice of an airport or airline, look into the safety records of your choices before you fly.  

Use the same common sense when traveling overseas as you would at home.  Don’t use short cuts down dark, narrow, and scary alleys or streets.  Avoid public demonstrations and other civil disturbances.  Don’t discuss your travel plans or personal matters with strangers.  Wear the shoulder strap of your bag or purse across your chest so it's not easy for someone to run by and grab it.  These are all common sense safety measures, but when you are on vacation and interested and excited about your surroundings it’s very easy to forget or not pay attention to something that could be an invitation to thieves or criminals.

When staying at a hotel don’t leave your money or valuables in your room when you go out, put them in the hotel safe.  If you are planning on being out late, let someone know when you expect to return.  Read the fire safety instructions in your hotel room and know exactly where the fire exits are and the route for getting out of the hotel quickly and safely in case of a fire.

Use the same common sense safety ideas when using the public transportation in the country you are visiting as you would at home.  Only use taxis that are clearly identified with official markings, ask the staff at the hotel you are staying at what markings are on an official vehicle for hire and avoid entering a vehicle for hire even if they offer a discount, a lot of times in countries abroad there are unofficial vehicles for hire that rob you or worse once you are locked in the vehicle, so its better to turn down a cheap ride because you could lose a lot more than the cost of a fare in the long run.

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash on your trip.  Change your travelers checks only when you need money and keep that to what will get you through until you are able to cash more of them.  When cashing your travelers checks only use authorized agents.

If any of your possessions are lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the local police.  Keep a copy of the police report for insurance claims and as an explanation of what happened.

Countries abroad do a very good job of hosting their guests.  They police popular tourist destinations and in most cases you are safe when traveling, but there is always that chance that something could happen no matter where you are and no matter what safety precautions you take, so make sure you minimize all risks and stick to commonsense safety and your trip will be a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

Happy Travels!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Costa Rica: Everything you could ask for in Paradice

Costa Rica is a very slow paced laid back and beautiful country.  The people are very welcoming to visitors in this peaceful democratic nation.  The natural beauty of the country is breathtaking.

All of this makes Costa Rica a wonderful destination for travelers from all over the world.  Active travelers can surf, hike, snorkel and watch wildlife.  The differences in the topography means you can relax on a hot sandy beach or visit an active volcano.

Thrill seekers can feed their need for adrenaline fueled adventure by zipping through canopy lines hundreds of meters long or ride the surf of the Pacific ocean.  Even Though Costa Rica has become a very popular travel destination for people all over the world and the large resorts have moved in staking their claim to the tourism boom of recent years, ecologists and proud locals have been very active in keeping most of the country in its natural beauty.

Arenal is a must see for first time visitors.  By day you may hear it rumbling and quaking and see the almost perfect conical shape.  But at night this volcano will put on a light show you won’t forget.  There are almost constant eruptions of red hot lava pouring flaming rock, displaying its true power and beauty.

Manuel Antonio, one of the country’s most famous national parks is the Costa Rica you’ve imagined.  You can watch all sorts of monkeys going about their normal routine, while you take a relaxing hike along the tree lined shore.

One of Costa Rica’s most beautiful wildlife adventure is Tortuguero, an intricate network of narrow canals that wind their way through the lush jungle and coastal wetlands.  You can canoe through these waterways looking for the untouched wildlife of the jungles.

If you are looking for a thrill, you can head to the tiny town of Turrialba in the Central Valley for some of the most intense whitewater rafting of the Central America.  If you want a day filled with some serious heart pumping adventure then this is the trip for you.

After your thrill seeking adventure you can relax on one of the most picturesque beaches in the world.  Samara is a beautiful strip of powder white sand that lies between the gently rolling turquoise seas.

Costa Rica offers something for every Traveloper, and you can find some excellent money saving vacation packages to Costa Rica by searching, where no destination is out of your budget.

Happy Travels!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

An Olympic Sized Summer in London

London is gearing up for the 2012 Summer Olympics and you can see it wherever you go.  It’s no secret at this point that the Summer Olympics are being held in London this summer, I think the give away, was when they extended the Olympic rings from the iconic Tower Bridge, but thats just me.

The Olympics are a very proud event for any country to host.  In thought the Olympics represent the whole world coming together in friendly sport, not just to see who has the best athletes.  I like to think, that even if only in theory, the whole world is forgetting their differences and coming together to play a few games and what is better than being able to join someone you may not always get along with in a game?

The 2012 Olympic games in London aren’t just about sporting events, London is rolling out the red carpet and welcoming their neighbors in a grand fashion that is customary of England.  There are several activities that will be held and several already being held to make this summer’s Olympics a memorable and enjoyable event.

Festivals dedicated to literature, world music, and stand-up comedy, and Shakespeare are just a small portion of what you can expect to enjoy.  

While Central London is already in full swing leading up to the actual events, the Olympic Park in Stratford remains partially under construction.  However, what was just a marshy and forgotten east corner of London has already been transformed into a majestic venue to rival any other Olympic stadium.  The Orbit, which is a 115 meter metal statue, towers over the park, offering a view of the athlete’s village, and of Europe’s largest mall, which opened last year.  Just as spectacular are the views that can be seen from a ride across the Thames in the Emirates cable car, which opened in June.

The city is filled with beautiful and colorful banners and spectacular art is around every corner of the city.  Along with this festive celebration in the air, security and transportation in the city are bracing themselves for a flood of visitors and guarding against chaos to assure all runs smooth and everyone stays festive.

To help the 6.5 million expected visitors, the TFL (Transport for London) website now offers advice for navigating anticipated high-traffic areas.  Tables of predicted wait times and alternate route planning guides aim to help Londoners avoid the Central and Jubilee lines, which will be, “exceptionally busy throughout the games,” according to the TFL.

The outlook for air travel is a lot more positive.  Heathrow Airport has stated they will dedicate extra staff and, “an army of 8,000 brightly dressed, trilby hat-wearing volunteers, called Team London Ambassadors,”  according to the AP.

This isn’t London’s first time at hosting the Olympic games.  London has been the host to the Olympic games on two different occasions, first in 1908 and again in 1948, and even though those dates don’t even come close to comparing to 2012 in regards of transportation and crowd control alone, England looks like its doing everything is possibly can to make sure the 2012 Olympics will be a memorable, enjoyable and safe event for all those attending.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Key West is just a short drive from Miami, Florida on the US-1 highway.  The Florida Keys hold a lot of treasures for the summer vacationer.  The islands offer a tropical blend of azure waters, tropical foliage, fine dining with fresh seafood available daily, and lodging for any budget, some with a history of famous and notable figures.

Key West has a lot to offer travelers from all over the world.  Some visitors prefer a little bed and breakfast or guest house hidden away in Old Town.  While others may want to be pampered by one of the waterfront resorts and luxury hotels that are found throughout the island.

The Florida Keys offer visitors an endless supply of things to do.  World class fishing can be found both on the shallow water flats and in the deep blue sea beyond the barrier coral reef. The shallow flats offer tarpon, bonefish, permit and barracuda, not to mention several other species to shake a hook at.

Diving and snorkeling in the coral reefs and wrecks around Key West is fantastic.  If you are interested in wreck diving, there are a couple located around Key West that are available to visitors.  Tropical fish are in great supply on the reefs and there is snorkeling available on a sailing catamaran or schooner for a day of excitement and beauty.

Visitors to Key West are immediately drawn to the southern charm and Caribbean flavor of this laid-back island nation called the Conch Republic.  Since its founding in 1822, Key West has become the adopted homes to many.  From pirates to poets and political pundits.  Some of the former residents include, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and past presidents.  You’ll discover why President Harry Truman once wrote:  “I’ve a notion to move the capital to Key West and just stay.”

Key West is a tropical paradise that is perfect for relaxation or excitement and fun.  Spend some time with a friendly Dolphin.  Throughout history people have always been fascinated by the intellect and playful attitude of the Dolphin.  There are a few great tours on the island where you can watch these wonderful creatures breaking the water, or even watch them as they swim underwater.

If you’re a golfer, you won’t be disappointed.  Visit the one and only U.S. golf course in the Caribbean.  Key West has a fantastic, professionally designed eighteen-hole golf course set in all of the beauty of the island.

No matter what you choose to do from the long list of activities that await you at Key West you won’t ever spend a day being bored.  Unless you choose to.

Happy Travels!!!