Monday, August 27, 2012

Looking for best hotel deals in Manhattan

I am visitng New York in september and I was looking for a nice hotel to stay in for a couple of days.  Using Travelope and Email alerts has been a great time saver.  I have been getting new Hotel deals from Travelope almost daily for about a month.  But with so many deals to choose from, I still couldn't find THE ONE hotel that would make NYC even more special.

I went to Kayak, Orbitz and other sites directly, but in most cases either I already saw the deals through Travelope or the deals were not applicable for my travel dates.

At the end I stumbled upon a Hotel Price Comparison site called
What an awesome idea and site it is.   It collects/aggregates hotel pricing data from all the popular sites as well as smaller travel sites, so that you can run one availability search and get the best price from all the sites.

Using this site I was able to find a great hotel at an awesome price.  It was not even discounted, since it was on one of the smaller travel sites that I would never visit directly.

NOTE TO SELF:  See if they have an API, so we can integrate it within Travelope.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flash ... ah aaaaah. Now best travel deals can find you even faster.

One issue that always comes up when building sites with high usage is speed.

In short time, number of active deals on Travelope has grown from 500 to 4500.  And it is growing every day.

As we add more and more deals we make sure that it doesn't slow down the site.  In a release last week we have made some major improvements in speed of the site, so travel deals can find you even faster then before...

Almost as fast as Tom Hanks in Flash Gordon outfit:

Enjoy and happy deal huntin!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Over 4K active travel deals now on Travelope

Over the last five month we have been adding new deal sources to Travelope almost every week.

This week we broke through 4K active deals.  Wooo hooo!!! Bring out champagne. It is time to celebrate.

We are currently aggregating 300 new travel deals a day.
Many popular destinations like New York, Orlando, San Francisco now have over 50 deals each, so there gotta be something for everyone.

Make sure you subscribe to email alerts to not miss out on any of the deals.


Monday, August 20, 2012

How to find Best Travel Deals online using Travelope

Here is how I usually plan vacation:

  1. Figure out where I want to go 
  2. Get my boss to agree to 1 week vacation when it is a slow time at work
  3. Look for airlines, hotels and car-rentals

I repeat step 3 every day for about a month.  Every day I go to popular sites like Kayak, Orbitz, TravelZoo.
Do a search for the location I want to go to and dates where available.  Then I skim through results looking for the wholy grail of the deal, that can never be bettered.
Then I go to Daily Deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, JetSetter and look through their deals.
Then I do a google search for "Best Travel Deals in Nepal" and see if I can find some small site with best offer.

At some point at the end of the day I do work for about an hour then I go home and continue looking for "that" deal.

Travelope will change all that. Well probably not all, but it will definitely help.  You can thank us later and your employer will too.

On Travelope we collect all the Travel Deals from the popular travel sites such as Travelocity, Smarter Travel, Expedia, Groupon and many others.  So that you can just come to Travelope instead of visiting all the other sites.

With Travelope, you can specify your destination using left sidebar and travel dates using drop down in top right corner.

After selecting it will look like this:

If you don't find the deal you like right away, you can click on "Add Alert" button which will subscribe you to daily email with new deals that match your criteria.

You can create as many alerts as you would like, if you plan to visit multiple destinations or would like to plan for several trips in the future.

Travelope does not replace Airfare or Hotel search engines like Kayak.  But when you look for the best travel deals for your upcoming trip, there is none better.

Travel Deals from everywhere

Here at Travelope we are always looking for new places where to get the best travel deals.

Currently we get deals from the following sources:

Travel Deal Aggregators
  • Travel Ticker
  • TravelZoo
  • Shermans Travel
  • ...

Hotel Chains
  • Marriott
  • Starwood Hotels
  • Accor Hotels
  • ...

Travel Sites
  • Travelocity
  • Expedia
  • FunJet Vacations
  • Smarter Travel
  • FareCompare
  • ...

Daily Deal Sites
  • Groupon
  • Living Social
  • Bloomspot
  • Jetsetter
  • Vacationist
  • Secret Escapes
  • SniqueAway
  • TripAlertz
  • ...

In the near future we plan to add:
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Hilton Hotels
  • ClubMed
  • Google Offers
  • Cheap Carribean
  • And many others..

Each week you are sure to see more quality travel deals from more sites.  

If you would like us to add your favorite travel deals site to travelope, please contact