Monday, August 27, 2012

Looking for best hotel deals in Manhattan

I am visitng New York in september and I was looking for a nice hotel to stay in for a couple of days.  Using Travelope and Email alerts has been a great time saver.  I have been getting new Hotel deals from Travelope almost daily for about a month.  But with so many deals to choose from, I still couldn't find THE ONE hotel that would make NYC even more special.

I went to Kayak, Orbitz and other sites directly, but in most cases either I already saw the deals through Travelope or the deals were not applicable for my travel dates.

At the end I stumbled upon a Hotel Price Comparison site called
What an awesome idea and site it is.   It collects/aggregates hotel pricing data from all the popular sites as well as smaller travel sites, so that you can run one availability search and get the best price from all the sites.

Using this site I was able to find a great hotel at an awesome price.  It was not even discounted, since it was on one of the smaller travel sites that I would never visit directly.

NOTE TO SELF:  See if they have an API, so we can integrate it within Travelope.


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