Tuesday, June 26, 2012

California: Vacation in the Golden State

California’s gorgeous weather, interesting culture and beautiful scenery make it a favorite vacation spot of people from all around the world.  The things to see are endless, from the glamour of Hollywood to the beautiful scenery of Yosemite National Park.  Vacationers can spend two weeks in this beautiful state and never come close to seeing all it has to offer.  However, here are few helpful tips that will make your vacation more enjoyable and save you a lot of time and grief.

California is a very large state of almost 800 miles from north to south, it is larger than some European countries.  Los Angeles to San Francisco takes 6 to 8 hours travel time by car, San Diego is about 2 hours by car and Yosemite is 3 to 4 hours from San Francisco.  Air travel of course would take less time but when you figure in the security delays, it pretty much works out to be the same.  Make sure you factor in the travel time to the sites you want to see so you can spend enough time sightseeing.

The San Francisco Bay area has an effective and reasonably priced public transit system, but California as a whole just doesn’t have the public transportation structure to make it a convenient form of travel.  Plan to rent a car when you arrive in California because too many of the vacation spots are spread out and not easily accessible by train or bus.  A rental car will save you a lot of trouble.

California’s freeways are every bit as bad as you have heard.  When you are traveling in a major city like LA or San Francisco, avoid the freeways during rush hour periods and plan an alternate route to your destination.  A navigation system in your car can be your best friend for maneuvering California’s traffic.

One great thing about California is, the weather is nice all year round.  With its great weather you can plan to visit during the off-seasons like spring or fall, it's not so crowded.  You also need to prepare for this great weather and sunshine.  Make sure you have sunscreen available wherever you go.  A hat and sunglasses are also standard equipment for sunny California.  If you plan on spending long periods in the sun, which I’m sure you will then you will be happy you're prepared.

California is a vacation spot you have to visit at least once in your life to see why it's so special.  But visiting California doesn’t have to break the bank.  There are plenty of very affordable travel packages listed on this site that can save you a lot of money and keep your stress level down while you enjoy your vacation.  You just need to do a little research and plan ahead.

Happy Travels!!!

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