Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Get a Great Deal on a Great Cruise

Cruises usually come with everything included, combining your lodging, dining and entertainment into a single bill.  While some cruises are very expensive, many mass-market cruise lines cost less than a comparable land-based vacation.  Here are some tips to help you get the best deal on that cruise you've always dreamed of.

Research your destination online to find the most inexpensive season.  Caribbean cruises are typically least expensive in the fall, when kids are back in school and hurricanes are a possibility.  Alaska cruises cost less in the spring and fall.  Repositioning cruises, in which the ship changes home ports for the next cruise season, are typically least expensive of all.  Match the season to the destination for the best savings.

Check your membership clubs for discounts.  Some cruise lines give discounts to members of AARP, Travelers Advantage or other organizations.  Some lines open these discounts to everyone in the qualifying category, such as seniors, while others require proof of membership.  If you are an honorably discharged veteran, you might qualify for discounts on certain cruises.

Use your past cruise to get a better price on this year's trip.  Cruise lines provide incentives for remaining with one line.  Returning guests rates are often significantly lower and might include cabin upgrades, on-board parties and other perks.

Flexible Dates
Check multiple sailing dates.  Cruise fares are based on supply and demand.  You might find that your chosen week costs nearly double what it would cost the week before or after, just because more people already have booked for your week.  If your schedule is at all flexible, search several dates for the same itinerary.

Keep Checking
Keep checking even after you book.  When you book, you are guaranteed not to pay m ore than the booked price.  Likewise, the cruise line will not simply make a reduction in your cost.  Most but not all cruise lines will adjust your fare until you make the final payment.  A few will adjust the fare all the way until you sail.

People tend to believe that when you say “cruise” you might as well be saying “too expensive for me”.  That isn't usually the case, in fact cruises have become more affordable then ever and they are a great way to do something very different and have a very exciting adventure.  Like anything else, with a little homework you too can afford a wonderful cruise and a memorable vacation.

Here are few affordable deals we found :

$185+: 4-Nt Bahamas Cruise from Miami w/$50 Credit

$479 - 7-Nt. Eastern Caribbean Cruise from $479 + OBC

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Happy Traveling!!!

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