Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to save money on your dream vacation

Your dream vacation can be the trip of a lifetime.  Yet when you start to add up your airfare, tour expenses, food, and lodging it may begin to seem like it is financially out of reach.  With careful planning and money-saving tips, you can save hundreds of dollars per person which can put that dream vacation back within your grasp.

First plan ahead.  The cheapest airfares usually are the first to sell out, so the closer to vacation time you buy your tickets, the more you spend.  Give yourself several months before you plan to take your trip to allow you to research and reserve the best deals.  Also try to plan your trip for off-peak tourist seasons.  The off peak season for Hawaii is mid-April to mid-June and from September to mid-December.  This will save you a lot of money and also let you take advantage of Hawaii' s best weather.  Flying on non-weekends will typically save you a bundle on airfare pretty much wherever you plan to go.

Check to see if there are any vacation rentals or timeshares available where you are headed.  These are less expensive compared to staying in a resort just about anywhere you plan to go.  Staying in an apartment style lodging, depending on your destination, these types of lodgings are sometimes available to rent and can be suited better to families and groups.  The kitchen and laundry facilities available in timeshares or apartments can be your biggest money savers since you can pack light, to save on airline baggage fees if you are able to do your own laundry.  With a kitchen area you will be able to save on some of your meals by cooking your own breakfast in the morning and maybe going back to your rental in the after noon for lunch and a break from your day will not only save you enough money for a restaurant dinner b ut it will also make your day a little less hectic.

Driving tours are another way to be able to save some money on a dream vacation.  You can usually rent a car at the airport for a lot less than an off-airport car rental agency.  Make the arrangements for your rental car several weeks ahead of time to make sure you get better rates and availability.  Airport car rental agencies can supply you with maps and brochures on attractions to see.  By saving on transportation you'll be able to afford a tour that has really caught your eye.

All inclusive travel packages are another great way to go if you want to save money and make sure you get the most out of your dream vacation.  There are plenty of packages that offer great trips to wonderful destinations while saving you hundreds of dollars per person.  Here again it pays to plan well in advance of your vacation date to take advantage of the lower prices.

A dream vacation can be well within your reach if you do a little research and planning, so that dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare by worrying the whole time you're spending too much money.

Happy Travelling!!!

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  1. Great post. My fiance and I really want to take our dream vacation to Ireland. We have been saving money for awhile and now all we have to do is start planning. Thanks for these great tips, I will keep them in mind!