Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Travel Tips

Hurricane Sandy, dubbed by the media as the “Frankenstorm” or “The Perfect Storm 2” is expected to be hitting the East Coast within the next few day. So what does this mean for your travel plans? Well, the one thing you can pretty much guarantee is that all travel into and out of the East Coast area will be affected.

The storm has already taken more than two dozen lives while moving through the Caribbean and its expected to hold its hurricane to tropical storm status as it moves through the Northeast.

If you plan on traveling in the expected impacted areas here are some helpful tips to make sure you are prepared for the “Frankenstorm”.

Flight Game Plan

If you are planning on flying in the areas that are expected to be hit by the storm, make sure you contact your airlines as soon as possible. Airlines usually update passengers when the storm gets closer. For you travelers that have flights with JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, or US Airways, consider yourselves lucky, the airlines are offering to $150 fee to reschedule a flight. Before you leave for the airport call your airlines and ask for the status of your flight by giving them your plane’s tail number. This way the airport can let you know exactly where your flight is and how long it is expected to take before it gets to it’s destination. If your flight is sitting on the runway in the middle of the storm, you can plan accordingly.

Hurricane Hotel Ideas

The storm is expected to hit the East Coast somewhere between the northern tip of South Carolina to southern Connecticut. Travelers with plans to stay within the expected storm area should try to get a head start on the rush for hotel reservations and plan to stay an extra night or two so you can avoid being caught without a place to stay.

Travel by Car or Public Transportation During the Storm

Travelers should also anticipate there will be delays with ground travel as well. Just like any other mode of transportation during the storm, it would be a good idea to book your rental car well in advance. Although the best idea, if possible would be to stay inside if at all possible and just wait the storm out for your safety and to avoid the hassle of closed roads, flooding and all the other obstacles a severe storm brings with it.

Cruise Itinerary During a Storm

When taking a cruise ship that is expected to dock in an area being hit by a hurricane make sure you stay up to date with your ship’s planned schedule. Cruise lines might have to change the scheduled port of call in the event of a hurricane, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Every cruise lines itinerary change policy states that the cruise line can change its itinerary at any point at their discretion and won’t be liable for a refund if the need arises.


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